Talented North Fife artist exhibits for the first time

A self-taught artist from Kirkton of Balmerino is having her first brush with publicly showing her work.

Although she has run two arts shops in the past and enjoyed drawing portraits from a young age, it has only been in the last 15 years that Sandra McKinlay turned to painting.

And, until now, she has never shown her paintings to anyone outside her close family.

Sandra, who this week became the first person to take part in Art in Parliament since the General Election, said she was delighted to have the chance to show some of her oil paintings in the constituency office of Stephen Gethins MP.

She said: “I have my own style and am completely self-taught. I use a pallet knife instead of a brush and probably break all the art school rules there are, but that’s just how I like to do it. “

Sandra’s work includes her own take on Orcadian landmarks such as the Churchill Barriers and Scapa Flow.

Thanking Sandra for taking part, Stephen Gethins MP said: “I am very pleased that the constituency office is able to provide a showcase for Sandra’s work. Her paintings are very expressive and brilliantly colourful. I hope this exhibition will provide encouragement that she should also show her work elsewhere. “