Cameron Concedes Defeat on “Bungled” Europe Negotiations

The Scottish National Party has said that David Cameron is ‘conceding defeat’ on his bungled Europe negotiations after the Prime Minister was today forced to announce that his own Cabinet Ministers will be able to campaign against EU membership – regardless of any deal he secures.

Stephen Gethins MP, the SNP spokesperson on Europe, said:

“It seems that even David Cameron now has zero confidence in his ability to negotiate a deal on Europe that his own cabinet ministers can get behind – let alone the wider Tory Party.

“The fact that he cannot even convince his own cabinet to back him shows just how weak he is. This might be the right decision for the Tories but it’s the wrong decision for the country.

“The Prime Minister’s move today has raised the threat to Scotland and the rest of the UK’s place in Europe because it means we are certain to see senior UK cabinet ministers vocally campaigning for an ‘out’ vote.

“That is an admission of David Cameron’s weakness amid his botched renegotiation – but it is also a sign of how strong and how senior the Eurosceptic voices calling for an ‘out’ vote are in the Tory Party are.

“This is a Prime Minister that has lost all credibility in Europe and has been beyond reckless in taking the UK to the brink of EU exit – in a vain attempt to placate his party and woo UKIP supporters at the expense of the country.

“With the Tories and Labour hopelessly divided the SNP is now the only major party in the UK that are united on remaining in Europe.

“It is more important than ever before that we make a vigorous and positive case for staying in Europe to prevent Scotland from being dragged out against its will.”