From the Arizona desert to ancient St Andrews, artist finds inspiration

Yvonne Magee exhibits in constituency office of Stephen Gethins MP

A St Andrews artist who won a prize for art aged just five, is currently showing a collection of her paintings in the constituency office of Stephen Gethins MP.

Yvonne Magee’s first 30 years couldn’t be more different from the environment where she now lives. She grew up in the American Southwest surrounded by the Arizona desert and studied in California before returning to her home state to teach art.

Her drive to teach art, she said, came from her experience of having a painting she did aged just five, selected for a touring exhibition.

Her love of art led her to study art history across Europe and she was particularly affected by a Holocaust memorial displaying the artwork of children from concentration camps. She said this led her to realise that art can be a lifeline.

Following her career as an art teacher and therapist, she retired to St Andrews with her husband and saw her artistic style change from being representational to much more abstract, inspired by the countryside and seaside and artists including Kandinsky, Diebekorn and Kirkeby.

Yvonne Magee is pictured with ‘Highland Cloudburst’.

Yvonne is a member of the Scottish Artists Union and regularly participates in the North Fife Open Studios Tour and the Pittenweem Arts Festival.

Commenting on taking part in Art in Parliament, she said: “I am delighted to have a solo exhibition in the constituency office. I have work in collections across the UK, USA, Australia and Europe and it’s so nice to have a display which local people can see.”

Stephen Gethins MP, who has been inviting local artists to take part in Art in Parliament since being elected in 2015, said: “Yvonne’s work is spectacular. Her painting ‘Highland Cloudburst’, painted during the night as she awaited the result of the Scottish Independence Referendum, is very interesting and evocative.”

Yvonne Magee’s exhibition runs throughout October and can be seen during office hours.